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2014 Abu Dhabi Paper Administration

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Documents used to prepare the Conference Record 2014 (Terence Hazel; 2014-02-09)

The documents below can be used for future conferences after modification of the date, ISBN number etc. I split the "master" of the 2014 Conference Record into 2 parts since the file exceeded the 10Meg limit of the website. Please note that the conference program is prepared by 3-ce using specific software. I have no access to those files.

1- Front cover printed double sided in colour Amsterdam.doc

1- Front cover printed double sided in colour Amsterdam.pdf

2 - pages 3 to 4 printed double sided black & white.doc

2 - pages 3 to 4 printed double sided black & white.pdf

3 - page 5 Table of contents printed single sided add page numbers.doc

3 - page 5 Table of contents printed single sided add page numbers.pdf

Back cover printed double sided in colour.doc

Back cover printed double sided in colour.pdf

Conference record cover spline text.doc

Conference record cover spline text.pdf

Conference Record Master First Part.pdf

Conference Record Master Second Part.pdf


The following documents were used for the Authors Guidelines and can be used for future PCIC Middle East conferences. The timeline is uploaded as a jpeg file since the native file (Visio) cannot be uploaded to the website. I also have included the Session Chair guidelines I prepared for the 2014 conference. (Terence Hazel; 2014-02-09)




PCIC Middle East Paper Style.doc

PCIC Middle-East Presentation File Template.ppt

Time Line PCIC Middle East 2014.jpg

Session chair guidelines 2014.doc

Session chair guidelines 2014.pdf


Final papers:

The following are the final papers for the 2014 conference received to date. Click on the name to open the file.

ME-01, Copyright, Final Paper

ME-04, Copyright, Final Paper, Presentation File

ME-05, Copyright, Final Paper

ME-06, Copyright, Final Paper

ME-07, Copyright, Final Paper

ME-08, Final Paper

ME-10, Copyright, Final Paper

ME-11, Copyright, Final Paper

ME-13, Final Paper

ME-14, Copyright, Final Paper

ME-15, Copyright, Final Paper

ME-16, Copyright, Final Paper

ME-17, Final Paper

ME-18, Copyright, Final Paper

ME-20, Copyright, Final Paper

ME-21, Final Paper


The following draft papers have been received as of 4 October 2013. Please click on the paper number to open. Please use the review form for your evaluation and email the lead author directly with a copy to Terence Hazel. The author's email address is in the "Current Draft Paper Administration File" available above.

ME01, ME01 review form, ME01 Document Markup Paul & Additional Questions, ME01 Review Terry, ME01 Review USA Engineer

ME04ME04 review form, ME04 Review Justin

ME05, ME05 review form, ME05 Review Terry, ME05 Review Ben, ME05 Document Markup Ben

ME06ME06 review form, ME06 Review Peter Pieters-Khalid Al Najdi

ME07ME07 review form, ME07 Hans

ME08, ME08 review form, ME08 Bruno

ME10ME10 review form, ME10 Review Terry

ME11ME11 review form, ME11 Review Tord

ME14ME14 review form, ME14 Review Terry, ME14 Review Jan, ME14 Review Jan Email remarks

ME15, ME15 review form, ME 15 Patrick

ME16ME16 review form, ME 16 Review Terry

ME17, ME17 review form, ME17 Review Terry, ME17 Marked Up Paper Terry

ME18, ME18 review form, ME 18 Jeremy

ME20, ME20 review form, ME-20 review Terry

ME21ME21 review form, ME-21 review Terry, ME21 review Patrick

ME22, ME22 review form



Abstracts that were accepted as received from authors. Please refer to the Technical Program on the website for updates regarding authors, titles and abstracts.

ME01ME04ME05ME06ME07ME08ME10ME11ME12ME13ME14ME15, ME16, ME17, ME18, ME20


PCIC 2014 Conference Feedbacks

Below are the different files presenting the PCIC 2014 Conference feedbacks from the attendees.

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