Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference

PCIC stands for the Petroleum and Chemical Industry Conference.

PCIC Middle East is the regional representation of PCIC Europe to organize the premier Conference for the exchange of experience in electricity and instrumentation in the oil & gas, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, covering all the aspects of the upstream and downstream activities.

The PCIC Middle East and PCIC Europe conferences mobilize experts from:

  • End-users
  • Engineering companies, Contractors and Manufacturers
  • Certifications Authorities, Standardization organizations, Regulation Athorities

to present papers and lead panel discussions to share their experience and good practises with the attendees.

The subjects are selected for the conference by a Technical Committee because of their high value for the companies operating in the Middle East region in order to provide immediate benefits to attendees.

Attendees feedback

“The conference contains very useful material and topics which covered all the E & I fields”.                                                      

A. Al Sawafi, Occidental of Oman

“This is far the best conference I ever attended. Most of the papers were very beneficial to my work. Unlike other conferences, all its papers are related to Industry”.

S. Al Majed, Saudi Aramco

“A mandatory event for Electrical Oil & Gas Engineers…the yearly snapshot of the Industry!”

E. Meyer, Total Exploration & Production