Instructions and deadline to contribute

Authors Instructions

Dear authors, we wish to draw your attention to the following important points

  1. The “Corresponding author” has to register during the early bird season.
  2. In the case the “Corresponding author” should indicate a substitute speaker, this substitute should necessarly be one of the authors.
  3. This substitute, chosen among the co-authors, will have to register also before the early birds deadline.
  4. All the papers for which none of the authors have registered before the early bird dead line will be withdrawn from the program.

Thank you for your undestanding.


To help you in writing your paper, please find here below:

Please follow the instructions below for writing your paper and making the presentation at the conference:

To complete your application please go to Abstract Submission (on PCIC Library)


Coaching service: should you need help in writing your paper, you can get support from Coaches, please feel totally free to get in touch with:, Local Committee Chair, PCIC Middle East Technical Chair, PCIC Middle East Technical Vice Chair